Thursday, March 3, 2011

4 Months

As I am writing this I am listening to my boy coo in his sleep through the monitor. He is so precious!

I am bad. I have been bad about blogging and bad about writing in Bradley's baby calendar. I must get better.

4 months already? Wow! He is changing so much. He is showing his cute little personality more every day. He has a flirty shyness about him. When he is happy and wants to smile at you, he will turn away when he smiles, almost as if he doesn't want you to see him look so cute. Bradley is getting better and better and grasping things in his hands. He works on his toy-to-mouth coordination every day. He is now to the age where it is really getting fun to "play" with him.

He is so strong. Everybody keeps telling us how strong he is for his age. He has such good head control, and can bear most of his own weight when he "stands." He hasn't been rolling over as much, but I chalk that up to him having better head control. I think the first few roll overs were due to his heavy head leaning to one side causing him to roll. I've tried putting toys out of reach and such, but he is just so content to stay on his belly and look at them, rather than roll over.

He has started to really giggle out loud now. He laughs mostly for Ben. Probably because he is so funny looking. (Kidding!) Bradley will giggle for his Dad almost after every diaper change. It is so cute. The weather is getting nicer so we have started to walk every day. I'm so lucky he likes being in his car seat/stroller. I put toy bugs on his hands and he is so content to ride around and suck on bugs. Gross! lol. Here's a month in pictures.

Beautiful blue eyes

Ready for our walk!

Kiss from Granny and my furrowed brow

You want to chew on this too Dad?

Looks like I'm praying with Grandma before my nap

Baseball player in training!

T, B & B

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  1. he's so cute!! thanks for the new pictures. Glad you are enjoying your new life as a mommy. :)