Monday, March 14, 2011

4 Months and Beyond

At Bradley's 4 month appointment the doctor said everything was looking great! Bugs (our new nickname for Bradley) weighed 16lbs 2oz (74th percentile) and was 26inches (86th percentile). Still a big strong boy and I love it! The doctor did the neck test where he pulls him up to a seated position by the arms and checks if the head stays in line with the body. His did! He has very good head control!.

Last week we traveled to DC for cousin Charlie's first birthday. Bugs did so good in the car. We drove through the night so all he had to do was sleep and eat. Which he did.

He has been developing more every day. He is so active and so interested in everything. His hands are really starting to work in his favor when it comes to putting whatever he sees in his mouth. He still hasn't rolled over much anymore but he has started to reach for things while he's on his belly. We also just got him an exersaucer which he LOVES. I will have pictures of that next time. For now here is what Bradley is learning and loving:

He is learning to roll from his back to his belly. He only makes it up to is side as of now. (Do not know why this picture is upside down.)
Here he is learning to walk all over Daddy :)

Here he is learning to drive.

He just found his bottom lip and loves to suck on it.

He loves his cousin Charlie.

He loves his Aunt Andrea, and the bugs on his hands.

He can now sit up in the Bumpo seat.

He LOVES bathtime!!!

And We love you Bradley!!!
T, B, & B

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  1. what great pics!! He's such a cutie pie!! I can't believe how big he's getting.