Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 Months

I can't believe my little 7 pound 8 ounce boy is HALF A YEAR OLD!!!

At our 6 month check up Bradley weighed 17 lbs 8 oz (49th percentile) and was 27 3/4 inches (88th percentile). My little man is long and lean! He is super healthy and the doctor said he is absolutely perfect, but we already knew that of course.

B is learning everyday and it's amazing that you can actually "watch" him learn. He is learning for an action there is usually a reaction.

Here is a list of things B is up to:
-If he drops something he looks for it

-He plays peek-a-boo with you by pulling a blanket off his face

-He has 2 bottom teeth

-He started on some fruit, but ironically he is not a big fan

-He still loves cereal, all kinds of cereal

-He is now sleeping unswaddled! He usually ends up on his tummy to sleep

-His favorite sounds to giggle at are "Beep Beep" "Squeak" and "Eek"

-He loves to laugh, and smiles all day long

-He has found his feet and loves to play with them

-He is very ticklish on his sides

-He sits up all by himself with the boppy around him for crash landings

-His favorite books are "Go Dog, Go" and "Is Your Mama A Lama."

Happy baby

2 teeth

First ball game

Sitting up

Playing Catch Up : 5 Months

Ahh! I've been so bad at keeping up with our family blog. As you can imagine since B is now 6 months old he has changed so much. However, I will try and only write this post about his 5 month experiences.

During the 5th month the most exciting thing was we started B on solids. We started first with rice cereal, then oatmeal, then wheat. He loved all three. Next we started veggies. Sweet potatoes were first and were a hit. Next was squash which was also yummy. Next was peas which literally made him gag. I hate to say it was funny but it was. He does ok with green beans but loves carrots. So basically any orange veggie is a hit and anything green is a no-go. That will have to change!

Sleeping: We tried to have him start sleeping unswaddled but it was unsuccessful. He would cry and cry and wake himself up with his hands. We went back to swaddling. He is still taking 3 naps a day.

He is much more active and aware. He reaches for the dogs, reaches for toys, and reaches out to grab mommy and daddy's faces to give kisses. He is sitting up with assistance.

Reaching for Kilo

Sitting up

First cereal

Reaching for kisses