Thursday, December 9, 2010

1 Month Old!

Wow! One month old already! Where has the time gone? I can definitely say it has been the best month in our lives. We've enjoyed every moment. Even the moments where we've worried that he's not getting enough food, or worrying that he's eating too much, or worrying that he's sleeping too much, or not enough, or if he's hot, or too cold, or if he needs his diaper changed, or if he's having gas pains or.....................I guess I understand when people say as a parent you never stop worrying!

Bradley has been so healthy, we are just so pleased. He's now sleeping up to 4 1/2 hours at nights, and staying awake longer during the days. He definitely likes his food and sometimes is wishing to eat every 2 hrs, but that's ok because nursing is going great. His belly button is nicely healed as is his other elective surgery :) At his 1 month doctor visit we found out he is growing like a weed. He now weighs 10lbs 12oz and is 22 in long! He is enjoying his tummy time so much that sometimes he'd rather drift off into sleep than practice picking his head up. He is looking at his mommy and daddy much more, and even has given 2 smiles back at mommy (that weren't sleep smiles.) It is getting close to Christmas and he in enjoying mommy and daddy reading The Night Before Christmas.

Me in my jammies
Hugs for Granny
Now I'm farting on Granny's lap!

Found my finger!

Eskimo kisses with daddy

Sweet dreams in my sweat suit!

Just got my diaper changed

Hanging with my grandparents.

So happy!

1 month old!

T, B & B

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


All smiles with Grandma
Grandma and Grandpa

Granny and Pa with cousin Charlie

G-Pop and G-Ma Dusina with cousin Charlie
Favorite Aunt Andrea

Uncle Jeremy holding me and Dad holding cousin Charlie

Go Buckeye's Go Bengals!

So far in my lifetime the Buckeye's have never lost, and the Bengals have never won. I guess daddy is teaching me how to be a gracious winner, and not a sore looser. I also can't wait to see these things called the Reds that daddy loves so much. I already have tons of baseball cards! ~Bradley

The Precious Sleeping Baby

I can hear him now, "Mom, knock it off I'm trying to sleep!"

Well, until Bradley learns to speak in complete sentences, and until I get sick of taking pictures of him while he sleeps (maybe by 15?) here are a few of my favorites!

T, B & B