Sunday, March 27, 2011

Many New Things

As this month comes to an end, I realize all the wonderful new things Bradley has done in just 4 short weeks. Here are some of the highlights: .

- We moved Bradley into his nursery at nights. It was so hard on mommy, but Bradley did great. Thank goodness for the video monitor! . ..

- We took Bugs swimming for the first time. We go to the YMCA. He just thinks he's in a bath, but loves it nonetheless. He doesn't kick or splash yet, or really do anything, so I guess this is just more fun for mommy and daddy. . . - He started rolling from his back to his belly by himself. He will only do it when he really wants to get a toy. Normally it's only for the light-up, sing-songy toys. .

- We bought Bradley an exersaucer. He LOVES it. He's only had it about 2 weeks but has already gotten so much stronger. When we first put him in it, he would just kind of lean to one side. Now he can stand up, keep his body straight, and even turn in it. .

- B's hair is growing back in, and we think he's going to have think hair! Grandma first got Bradley to style his hair, now we style it everyday. He wears the spike, and the mohawk very well. .

Here's the past few weeks in pictures: On St. Patty's day Bugs found his tongue for about 20 minutes this was how he looked. Finally a picture of Mommy not in sweats.
In the exersaucer
Swimming! Look at those cute little baby rolls.
So happy
The mohawk
First day in shorts!!
Readig with Daddy
Ready for baseball season!
Ready for my workout
Give me a kiss!
He'd rather chew on his paci: Let the teething begin!
T, B & B


  1. he's as cute as ever, and you look gorgeous! great update!

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