Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 Months Old!

Oh Bradley I cannot believe you are 3 months old! Oh boy have you changed!

Below is a little picture montage of all things Bradley can do/likes to do now that he is 3 months old. But first I will tell you the story of when Bradley first rolled over!!

It was last week, so technically he wasn't even 3 months old yet. (Oh our son is so advanced, yes he is We were up in his room doing tummy time and I had the camera with me to get some closeups of his cute little face. While I was centering the camera for the picture I noticed Bradley's face kept moving out of the frame. I kept adjusting my position, then he would move again. I finally looked up from behind the camera and realized...HE'S ABOUT TO ROLL OVER! And he did! From his belly to his back, over his left shoulder. He was a little freaked out and started to whimper. Was it because he scared himself by the roll, or because I was hooting and hollering "Yay Bradley" at the top of my lungs? You decide. Either way it was so exciting. I ran to get the video camera so all could be documented. That was a Friday. He rolled over again that Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, but has since taken a hiatus. I'm sure he will be back to rolling in no time!

Here are some of Bradley's favorites.

He loves to suck his thumb to sleep.
He loves to snuggle.

He loves tummy time and showing off how he can hold his head up.
He loves to sit up like a big boy!

He can grasp things when you put them in his hand. He loves to suck on everything!

He loves to workout with his dumbbells. "Exercise, exercise!"

He LOVES Lacy and Kilo. He is tracking them with his eyes all the time!
One of my favorite pictures of him. Look at that face!
T, B & B


  1. OMG gosh he is just the cutest little guy ever. And YAH way to go Bradley.

  2. OMG adorable!!! The dumbell pic needs to be entered into some sort of contest. It's perfect. Even down to the stripes on the dumbells & his pants.

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  4. I LOVE the photo with the dumbbells! Such a cutie :)