Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9 Months

9 months old and biggest accomplishment...BRADLEY LEARNED TO CRAWL! He started crawling at 8 1/2 months. Before he officially was moving, he was doing this "push-up" thing that was so cute. He would get to all fours, then pull a knee up like he was going to crawl, then sit on his but. He would do this and go in circles around the floor. But finally he was off. His crawl is so cute. He uses his left knee, and right foot. Hey, whatever works.

This month was all about food. Most of his pictures are in his highchair because he loved it there. He is completely on table food, no purees, and he is loving to experience all the new flavors. He is such a happy baby, especially now that he is on the move.

Happy in my highchair

Before he learned to crawl, this was his favorite seat in the house.

Cute and chubby

Yes, cranky baby gets mom in the pool every time.

Swinging at the park

Proof to the grandparents that yes, he does get cranky even though you don't believe it! lol..poor baby, look at that sad face.

Doing his push-up dance around the kitchen

B's first ice cream.


B's first eggs, and he LOVED them. (p.s. I know your not "supposed to" have eggs until 1 year, but he did fine with them and the Dr. ok-ed it.)

He's LOVING the dogs now the he is on the move and is always wanted to play with them. The dogs however, are not loving him as much.

Such a boy, loves his lego's.

First spaghetti face

NEW TEETH! He has his top 2 teeth as well.


  1. I absolutely love all the new pics! Congrats on the crawling milestone.

  2. He is so cute, I cant wait for our little guy to get here so I can plaster my blog with pictures of him...2 months left.