Wednesday, September 14, 2011

10 Months

From crawling to cruising....just like that!

The same week Bradley learned to crawl, he also started pulling himself to standing, mainly in his crib. It took him about a week of standing up on things, to start walking while holding on, or "cruising". Needless to say, baby-proofing hit a whole new level once this happened. We had to nail things to the wall, and remove and furniture that would topple on him.

He loves to stand and has really taking off with walking. He has a grocery cart that he will push around the house. He has learned that really anything can be used to help him walk around, and he's even started pushing on his toy table hard enough to get it to move. This kid is on the go.

At his last Dr. appointment he was 97% in height, and 30% in weight. We moved him up into 4 diapers, but they are a little big so we moved him back down into 3's for now. I now it won't be long until we make the switch for good.

I know there are way too many pictures in this post but I swear, he's just so gosh darn cute I can't stand it. lol. Here he is in his toy house downstairs. He LOVES anything with a steering wheel.
If we say, "Go night night on the blanket" this is what he does. So cute.

He is still always trying to get the dogs to play with him.

Showing off his new toy table.

Muscle man. Mr. Drool Bucket

Pretty proud of himself.

Ah, melt my heart.

This kid could watch the trees blow in the wind for hours. As soon as we step outside he points to the trees and wants to touch them. Each one of them....


Another favorite spot for B. Playing with the gate.

Helping Daddy put together the new wagon.

Pretty excited about his wagon.

Yup, loves it.

So clever, he pulled out each drawer on the way up to use them to stand.

Still trying to figure out how the snack cup works.

Helping clean.

Typing up some e-mails.

Reading time with Dad.

Nothing is more intriguing than the 5 Silly Monkeys

Another top toy...his wooden baseball bats.

The next 4 pics are in series. Watch has he cruises from window to window.


  1. oh how precious!!! I love his little feet!!

    And his face in the wagon picture is absolutely PRICELESS!! I love him!

  2. LOVE ALL THOSE PICTURES! He is a beautiful boy! I too have a baby boy who is 10 months old and going all over the place. Enjoy them they grow way too quickly. I have 5 and my oldest is 11.

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