Tuesday, July 5, 2011

8 Months

8 months old and almost crawling! B wants to be on the move so badly. Our guess is in just a few days/weeks he will be ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! He currently will sit, rock to his knees, then belly flop and reach and grunt for what he wants. Once he gets his knees under him for good he will be off.

He just today popped his top right front tooth. So now there are 3 total pearly whites. He is eating 3 meals a day and loving every bite. He now likes to feed himself so it is buy buy to pureed foods and hello to cubed yummyness. The only problems with this is that I have a stock of already prepared pureed food in the freezer so getting through the rest of that is not fun. He grunts because he wants to feed himself. Therefore, each meal begins with a sprint of me shoveling pureed stuff into his mouth until he is frustrated, then he ends with cubed food on his tray to feed himself.

All the play mats and bouncy seats and real "baby stuff" have been moved into storage. *Tears* It is bitter sweat to watch our little man grow into a less-of-a-little man.

At nights we even turn the monitor's volume on mute because when he is awake, he talks loud enough that we can hear him in our room.

He is talking and interacting with us all the time. Especially when we read to him, he will squeal back in delight. For a week or so I think he thought his name or my name was "Bob" because that is what he would always be saying to me. Now that word has turned into "ball" and when a toy falls over he even says "boom." He has been dabbling with the "P" sound and says "pah pah pah" but so far there has been no hint of "dada" or "mama".

Asleep after a jog with mommy, keeping hold of Sophie Giraffe

On his scooter

Last time playing on his play mat.

Squealing in delight...if you could only hear it!

Big strong boy can push up off his chest.

Trying to reach his toys

Doing some landscaping with Daddy

In the pool, in my frog.

B always pulls Ben's hat off whenever he is wearing one.

Bradley is always trying to figure out how things work.

His new funny face. He breaths heavily in and out of his nose while he's doing this.

Still has those beautiful blue eyes!

He likes to look at himself in the mirror

He will even give himself kisses

His new pool to play in the shade

He loves to splash

He loves to put toys over his head...now that his arms can reach that high!

T, B & B


  1. He's absolutely adorable! Good luck once he starts really moving around.

  2. He is a little doll. One question...is his swimming pool in the house? The one picture looks like the pool is in the background.

  3. lol! No it is not full and in the house. That picture was taken the first day we blew the pool up and it was still in the house, but it was empty. I could see the confusion though!