Tuesday, June 7, 2011

7 Months

Wow, I can't believe the Bugs Man is 7 months old already. He's just amazing. I know I say this every month, and most likely will for many months to come, but this is really such a fun stage. He's learning to do something new with his body every day. He's strong, smart and oh so happy. He can spin 360 to get to a toy. He is rolling back to front and front to back (the front to back is still by accident I think). He loves the dogs and gets so excited to watch Kilo retrieve a toy. (Too bad our Retriever doesn't retrieve). He does the cutest things with his arms when he puts his hands together or is holding a toy, he moves his wrists back and forth and flaps one of his elbows up and down. We call it the "chicken wing". He babbles all the time and does funny things with his mouth. He reaches far, hard and with determination for things that he wants. One of his favorite things to reach for now is the top of his daddy's head. It must feel fuzzy. I'm sure I'm forgetting a million other things that he is doing now but here are some pictures to help.

He is sleeping all night, in his crib, unswaddled. He usually goes down around 7:30 and gets up around 6:30.

He is now big enough to ride in the grocery cart. This is so fun for both of us.

Ready for summer!

His smiles are getting bigger, if you can believe it!

The kid loves the camera.

I am making all of his food for him. His favorites are sweet potato, avocado, and banana. I just added cinnamon to his apples and those are beginning to become a favorite as well.

Watermelon in a mesh teether. Genius. This is how I get my hair done with a baby.

An example of a funny face. We think his top teeth are coming in because he's constantly rubbing his upper lip along his gums, or rubbing his tongue back and forth.

We let him feed himself for the first time. These are little baby rice cakes that dissolve pretty quickly. He's getting the hang of it except for when the piece gets too small, he can't get it to his mouth.

This kid LOVES the water! Here he is in his floaty frog that has a lily pad over top to protect him from the sun. When we take him swimming he splashes the water in his face and loves it.

Fun with Grannie.

He really goes to "work" on this toy. He systematically closes them from right to left. Can you say engineer????

Morning jogs with mommy are exhausting. I love how he's holding the Sophie Giraffe.

Playing in the basement.

Daddy put him on a riding toy for the first time. I would say his legs are still a little too short to ride, but he loved it nonetheless. He grabbed the steering wheel right away and started turning, just like he knew what it was for.

T, B & B

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  1. What a great update, I loved all the pics! I can tell how proud of him you are. :)