Monday, August 16, 2010


Hi and welcome all family and friends! We are very excited to be starting a new blog and sharing it with you all. The purpose of this blog will be to post pictures and share the milestones of creating our family, while possibly exposing a few botched steps along the journey of becoming parents for the first time. We also hope this blog can help those of you who might be far away feel as close and involved as you can!

I (Tiffany) am not new to the blogging world, in fact I love it. For me it is the best form of documentation of our life as I am horrible at journaling (becuase there is no spell check button in a spiral notebook). We have decided to start our Family blog at the beginning of my third trimester. I hope you enjoy following along as we begin to set up the nursery, tour the birthing center, collect diapers, freak out, pinch ourselves and wait for "it" to happen!

Also as a part of my welcome post I would like to write a quick debrief of our journey thus far. Well it all started out when a young man and woman met and fell in love........GAG! Just kidding, I will not bore you with the whole story. Ben and I always knew we wanted a family and when I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) we realized it might be harder than we think. After months of medicines, needles, doctor bills and a slew of negative pregnancy tests, we finally have a little miracle growing in my belly and we couldn't feel more blessed. Finding out that we have a little boy with a healthy heart beating has been the icing on the cake. Bradley Carl is due to arrive November 9th. We sure do hope his stork is on time!

T, B & B

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