Tuesday, August 31, 2010

30 Week Appointment

Today we had our 30 week appointment and check up ultrasound. I was super excited for this ultrasound because by now little B is getting some fat on his face and I was looking forward to the 4D scan to actually see some facial features. Well...Bradley was not in the mood to have his picture taken today.

Let's get to the business. The placenta has moved up slightly and is no longer a concern for a vaginal delivery. Yay! Bradley's heart beat was 144bpm which is exactly what it was last appointment. He is growing really well and the Dr.'s told us he is weighing an estimated 3lbs 8oz. Big boy! The Dr. also found hair already grown in on his head. Oh yeah, and he's still a boy too!!

The reason we couldn't get a good picture of his face is because, in the Dr.'s words, "he's in there like a taco." He's folded in half with his legs straight and his feet over his face. She tried poking him, and buzzing him with this thing (which made him kick so that's a relief that he seems to have his hearing), and I even tried rolling onto my side. Nothing was moving him. I was worried that maybe I had low fluid levels and he had no room to move around but the Dr. assured me that there is plenty of fluid and he is just comfortable with his feet in his face.

Nonetheless here's the best picture we got. It's not in 4D. You can see a profile of Bradley's head, look for big round forehead (must be from Ben) and the light spot at the bottom of the picture is his ear. To the left middle you can see the shoulder and the beginning of the body. Then up top you can see the legs shooting across his face. If you look closely you can even see the outline of the knee joint and knee cap area (does he even have a patella yet?). You can see the leg get skinnier to the top right of the picture as to where his ankle joint is. Crazy kid, so flexible (must be from me!)

T, B & B


  1. Wow! Neat! That is a great picture. Amazing!


  2. Hi! New follower here! Isn't it crazy that he is comfortable like in there ???? So sweet but so sorry he didn't cooperate for that much wanted 4D pic!