Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2 Months

It is quit amazing how much Bradley has changed in the past month. I am not just talking appearance here. Yes, we can see he is getting nice a chubby because he is such a "healthy" eater, however, we won't get a scale reading until his appointment in 2 days. He is changing so much in personality and development.

He was always a smiley baby, but now he smiles when smiled at, talked to, or when you are chewing food as he finds that to be very entertaining. He also likes to hold conversations now. He mostly likes to talk when he is on his back and we are over top of him talking to him. He coo's so loudly you just know he has something very important to say. We also found it to be hilarious when the first night after he starting cooing, we swaddled him and laid him on his back for bedtime and he woke up and starting blabbering away. He must of thought it was time to talk because he was on his back.

He is also finding his hand now and even a few times has found his thumb! As you can see in the pictures he is always favoring his left hand so could he be a lefty? We'll have to wait and see. He is also trying to hold his head up now on his own. He does a great job when he is up on your shoulder of holding his head up straight. We starting putting him in the bumpo seat for a few minutes at a time to help him strengthen his neck. We put him on his belly for tummy time but he would much rather lay there and suck his hand then practice lifting his head.

Nights are getting better and better so I really feel lucky. Some nights he'll only go 4 hours before waking up but others he'll go 6 hours, and once he went 7. I think that's really good for only being 8 weeks old.

He is just so expressive and such a happy baby that I can't help but smile every second I'm with him. This is the best job in the world and now I know the reason behind me wanting to be a mom my whole life...this little guy!

T, B & B

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