Friday, October 15, 2010

The 9th Month

I have been holding out on making this post for a week or so because I was really looking forward to having more baby pictures for you. We had another ultrasound today and I was hoping to get a good picture of Bradley's face to post. Although the actual ultrasound was amazing and we did get to see his cute little face with chubby cheeks, we did not get any good pictures to take home.

Today I am 36weeks 3days pregnant. I am now on weekly appointments. I cannot believe it. Where did the time go? As I was mentioning earlier, we had another ultrasound today. We finally were told that my placenta HAS moved up and is finally in the "normal" range. What a relief. Bradley is head down, facing backwards and all ready for delivery. His position made it hard to see his face but we got a few glimpses. What a cutie! He has chubby cheeks and puckering lips. We saw him yawn and suck on his hand. It was precious.

Along with checking the position of the placenta, they also do an estimation of what he's weighing. He is coming in at a whopping 6lbs 11oz!!! What a big boy! (Insert my half happy face, half panic face here.)

At that weight he actually is in the 57 percentile for his gestational age so I shouldn't be too worried that he will be huge baby. I just keep trying to tell myself he will be healthy and normal weight. At this appointment was a check of my cervix. Still closed. Also, he has not "dropped" yet either. Everything else the doctor went through as far as my weight, my size, the baby's size, blood pressure and fluid level was "perfect" in the doctor's words. Music to my ears.

I have now pre-scheduled my last 3 doctors appointments for the next 3 weeks to come. That is assuming that I make it that long!!!

We are feeling great. We're still walking every night. We think we have most everything prepared for when he decides to arrive. We're trying to sleep as much as we can because we've heard through the grape vine that sleep is hard to come by once baby arrives. We have felt very healthy and lucky throughout this pregnancy and hope our luck can hold out just a few more weeks!!

T, B & B

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